Love marriage astrology prediction

Love marriage astrology prediction


Well, every individual at least once in his life thinks about his/her marriage. That who will be their life partner, when they will get married and even is their marriage will be love or arrange. Then all the questions have only one answer. And that is none other than astrology. By the help of it, you can get done with your love marriage astrology prediction and know about your marriage life.

How do you know by astrology that your marriage will be love or arrange?

If you are so desperate to know about your kind of marriage. That whether it be a love marriage or arrange marriage. Then yes you can possibly be able to predict about it through the love marriage astrology prediction. As there are venus and the mars the two planets which play a great role in predicting the type of marriage. If in your horoscope the venus and mars get placed into the 5th house. Then it means your marriage will be a love marriage. But on the other hand, if both of the planets get placed into the 7th house. Then it can weaken their love aspect and leads to your arrange marriage.

How to predict that there is any possibility of love marriage through the date of birth?

Well if you want to get married in your life with that person whom you love and even along with that you also want to know that there is any possibility of love marriage in your kundli. So that accordingly you can plan your future with your lover. But if in the case at a certain point of time due to the weak position of the venus you and your love are not able to get married to each other. And now you want to get back with ex in the relationship of marriage again.

If you have a question in your mind that “How can I predict my marriage astrology” then you can contact our astrologer who will first analyse your birth chart through the date of birth and then give you spells that make him love you forever. As if there is a strong venus and mars combination in the horoscope in the houses 5th, 9th, Lagna, 3rd. Then it is so sure that there are maximum chances of love marriage in your life.

When will I get married astrology by date of birth?

Do want to know the time as when you will get married to the person you love in your life. Then yes definitely by the help of astrology your marriage age can get predicted. As 7th house is that house lord which can decide your marriage time in your life. And if you want to check your 7th house in your kundli. Then from the ascendant, you have to count 7 numbers in the anticlockwise direction. And at the place where it stops, that will be your marriage house lord.

Along with that, there are certain marriage lines in your palmistry. As below the little finger, there are three marriage lines and which line is present in your hand. That will be your marriage age. The above represents the age of 30 and plus. middle one 18-25 and the last one 25-30.

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